Car Activities to Try This Summer

A car can be used for more than just driving. Continue reading for some fun, family activities you can try in your car this summer.

Try These Car Activities This Summer

Wash Your Car

If you’re looking for something productive to do on a hot, summer day, you can take your kids outside and teach them how to wash the car. This is a valuable skill to learn and they’ll appreciate an excuse to play outside in the water.

All you’ll need for this activity is a water hose, a couple of buckets, and some sponges. Be sure to use a mild soap that is specifically designed for cars to avoid damaging the paint or clear coat. If you’re feeling extra productive, you can also apply wax to the car once it’s clean and dry.

Go Stargazing

Reclining seats and a panoramic sunroof make your car or SUV the perfect outlet to enjoy an evening under the stars. Check with your local weather station to see if there is a meteor shower expected in the next couple of weeks. Pack a few blankets and snacks for the kids and download a stargazing app so you can find and point out your favorite constellations.

Take Nap Time Elsewhere

Nap time for your kids can be a welcome break, but it can also keep you stuck at home on a beautiful summer day.

Take nap time on the go by setting up your car to be a home away from home. Reclining rear seats can create a comfortable space for your little ones to sleep. Drive to a local state or national park where you can enjoy the scenery and your older kids can play and explore freely. Make your trunk a self-serving snack station. Open all the windows so the cabin is cool and breezy. Then crack open a favorite book and enjoy an iced coffee while your little ones sleep in the back seats and your older kids play outside.

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