No matter what kind of terrain you drive on, or how often you drive on it, your car’s tires require regular maintenance. If you fail to maintain your tires, you’re jeopardizing both the safety and performance of your vehicle. 

However, you might not be sure when it’s time to get your tires serviced. That’s why we’ve provided a helpful guide to tire maintenance that should ease your mind. Read on to learn more.

4 Signs Your Tires Need Maintenance

Checking your tires for wear and tear doesn’t require you to be an expert in car care. All you need is a keen eye and attention to detail. Here are the most telltale signs that it’s time for tire maintenance.

Odd vibrations or noises

While driving, pay attention to the overall smoothness of the ride. Are you hearing noises or feeling vibrations, even when driving on smooth, even roads? If you feel something strange, it could be poorly inflated tires, bad wheel alignment, or any other issue pertaining to improper tire maintenance.

Tire pressure drops frequently

During the colder months, it’s normal for your tire pressure to fall. However, if you notice that your tire pressure light is constantly on, it may be an indicator that you have a puncture in one of your tires. You can check your wheels for any visible culprits, but oftentimes, you might miss the debris causing the air leak.

Uneven tire tread wear

Tires naturally wear down over time, but in some instances, you might see that parts of the tire are more worn than others. This can be caused by misaligned wheels or improperly inflated tires, and it can be a major warning sign that you need new tires as soon as possible.

Dangerously low tire tread

Low tire treads that require replacement are usually easy to spot, but if you’re not sure, there’s an easy test. Take a regular penny and place it in the grooves between the treads with Lincoln’s head pointing down. If you can still see the top of his head, then it means the treads are too worn down and that it’s time for new tires.

Schedule Tire Maintenance in Delray Beach, FL

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