Whether you drive an all-wheel drive SUV, a 4-wheel drive pickup truck, or a front-wheel drive sedan, ensuring your tires are properly maintained delivers numerous benefits, including greater fuel economy, a smoother ride, and safe handling. With our 5 maintenance tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your car tires.

5 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Tires

Air Pressure

When your tires have the incorrect amount of air pressure in them, it can cause issues. Low air pressure can lead to poor fuel efficiency and make your engine have to work harder. Consequently, too much air in the tires could cause them to overheat and blow out while traveling. Plus, incorrect air pressure will also cause the tread to wear unevenly.

Check Tread Depth

Your tires are the only points of contact your vehicle makes with the road at all times. When the tread is worn, your tires won’t be able to grip the road surface as well, which can cause slipping in slick conditions. When your tread reaches a depth of about 2/32”, they’ll need to be replaced. You may also notice the wear bars are flush with the tread.

Rotate the Tires

By rotating your tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, you’ll help ensure they wear evenly. A great time to have this done is when you have the oil changed in your vehicle.


Every bump, pothole, and accident can damage your car’s suspension, which is designed to work with your vehicle tires. When your tires get out of alignment, it can cause premature wear and tear.

Load Capacity

The tires on your car, truck, or SUV are only made to handle so much weight. If your vehicle is overloaded with people, packages, or both, then it can cause the tires to wear down quicker or overheat. Check your owner’s manual or with a trained technician to know how much weight the tires can withstand.

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